August Birchbox: Final Thoughts

I know there were some complaints, at least amongst some of the YouTube vloggers, in response to this box.  But for my first one?  They really knocked it out of the park as far as I'm concerned.  I enjoyed quite a few of the products.

 01. Twistband
Like/Dislike? Ambivalent.
Thoughts? There's really nothing special about this.  The pros and cons pretty much balance each other out - it slips out of your hair easily, but it also doesn't hold as well as a regular scrunchie.  It looks OK around your wrist (which was supposed to be one of the main selling points - that you could basically wear it as a bracelet), but after several uses it starts to get twisted up, there's still the knot at the end, and the ends are now beginning to fray.  The knot at the end also looks just as silly in your hair as it does around your wrist - especially when trying to use the band at the end of a braid.  It doesn't leave as much of a crease as a scrunchie, but it definitely doesn't leave it completely crease-free.
Plans to Buy? No thanks.  It does seem to withstand time and repeated usage better than a traditional scrunchie, but at $5 for 3 Twistbands, it's just not worth the money.  Especially when I can get a pack of 20 plain scrunchies from the dollar store.

02. Amika Obliphica Oil Treatment
Like/Dislike? Love!
Thoughts? This is my first time using a hair serum, and the difference is immediately noticeable.  It certainly makes my hair softer, but more than anything it makes it silkier.  I swear when I've got this in, it's like tangles are downright impossible.  It also seems to work excellent to protect against humidity.  As a sample size goes, this is pretty incredible, because it really does take only a very small amount.  I have quite long hair and have been using this product on and off for nearly 2 months now, and it's still half full!
Plans to Buy?  Not right now.  As I said, I still have a decent amount left in this bottle.  And when I'm done with that I'd like to try the straight argan oil from CVS that my mother and sister use.  If the Amika is noticeably better after I try that stuff, then I might purchase it, but I think the CVS brand will probably do me just fine.

03. Earthen Instant Peel
Like/Dislike? Love!!
Thoughts?  Oh my lord this stuff is awesome!  I've tried the abrasive type of exfoliants with the little rough particles inside of them, but between my already sensitive skin and my almost perpetual state of sunburn thanks to work, I just can't use it very often, or it just hurts.  This stuff I expected to feel some sort of stinging or peeling...but I felt not a thing.  In fact when I first put it on I thought it was a dud.  But as soon as you start rubbing, the skin just peels off in sheets.  I ended up making my face greasy over the next few days because I just couldn't stop touching it and marveling at how smooth my skin was!
Plans to Buy? No.  At $50 for 6 of these single-use packets, it's simply not cost-effective.  I'm confident that I can find something similar but cheaper.

04. Anastasia Lash Lifting Mascara
Like/Dislike? Love!!
Thoughts? Definitely gave me more length, though I didn't really notice all that much extra volume.  Nevertheless, the difference was incredible.  It was like I was wearing falsies!  And for my extremely short lashes, that is no easy feat.  It did flake a bit, but it looks absolutely incredible.
Plans to Buy? Haven't decided yet!  I got the Blinc mascara in this month's box, so I have to give that a try first, then I'll save up my points for whichever one I like best.  But I'll definitely be buying one of them - now that I've gotten a taste of high-end mascara, I'm never going back to drugstore brands!

05. Anastasia Line Erasing Serum
N/A. My elderly neighbor was complaining about how expensive good wrinkle cream is, so I ended up giving this to her.  And upon asking where I had gotten it, I started explaining the Birchbox concept to her.  I think they might have a new customer soon!

06. Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue
N/A. As I stated before, I don't have a sense of smell, so I haven't tried this product out at all.  The card remains super cute, however!

So overall, I was more than satisfied with my first Birchbox!  And even those products that I'm not planning on buying the exact brand that the site sells, I'm thankful to the company for exposing me to them in the first place.  Can't wait to see what I get next month!

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