Nail Art: Valentine's Day

Happy belated Valentine's Day!  In celebration, I sported an ombre mani with glitter tips.  Awesomely over the top, just like the holiday itself.


Review: Sally Hansen Petal Pusher

Bought this as part of my little holiday haul while at home in Chicago; at the time I was mainly after the topcoat (which turned out not to be a topcoat at all, just a clear polish), figuring I could just bust this out for work every once in awhile.  I never thought that plain, flesh-colored nails would appeal to me so much, but I already can't wait to wear this color again!


Julep Maven January Box

I took the Julep Maven style quiz a few months back, and submitted my e-mail address when requested.  After looking around the site, I decided not to participate in the program.  But I received a promo code a few weeks ago to receive the January box for one cent.  I understand their logic, as it gets me into their system and, if I forget to skip a month, I get charged.  But I figured I might as well try it out; for only a penny, who could resist?  Here's what was inside: