Damn the Man

Predictably, I got spoken to both days that I worked this week.  Also accused of White-Out use no less than 4 times.  *Sigh*.  In my defense, white technically is a neutral color, and is close to my skin tone...heck it practically is my skin tone.  Not to mention I wore it last summer.  But my bosses weren't having it, so I promised to take it off before I work next.  Luckily, however, I have several days off before then, so I decided to add some embellishment just because I can.

That's purely freehand, I don't have any stencils or anything.  So maybe not the neatest it could possibly be, but I love the look of it, both alone and as part of the full manicure.  I love doing just one accent nail.

Also found another new OPI collection that I would give my firstborn child for:

Thanks to @AllLacqueredUp for the info - I think I'm still drooling.  Damn I need a better-paying job so I can afford all of these!  Looked up the nearest beauty supply store, and there's an Ulta in the shopping center down the road, so I'll definitely be heading that way soon.  Let's hope my bank account survives.


smell of wine and cheap perfume

Did anyone else know that OPI is releasing a Glee collection?!  Probably, I'm just very behind on the times, but I caught Naya Rivera's tweet this afternoon.  And seriously, why can't you link to an individual tweet?  Or can you and I'm just too stupid to know how?  In any case, I'm excited!  As inconsistent and at times somewhat offensive as that show can be, I will admit that I adore it.  Wholeheartedly.  Being a television production major, it's very hard for me to shut off the analytical part of my mind when watching pretty much anything, but I've trained myself to put on the blinders for Glee.  If I can ignore everything else, it's a happyfuntime show, just makes me smile and of course sing along!

They had better have a Rachel Berry Gold Star color.  Oooh, and a Grape Slushie!  And a Cheerios Red!  Okay, I'll stop now.


So Fresh and So Clean

Ironic that my first post is featuring not a bright color, but a neutral.  But I just love the look of plain white nails - they're bright, they're clean, they're chic, and they go with absolutely everything.  Don't be deterred by everyone telling you it looks like you used White-Out - white nails are awesome.

They also look way better when you're not using old, cheap polish that's thin and streaky, with a topcoat that does next to nothing to protect from chipping - this picture was only after a few days.  I scraped together my meager collection and after all the bottles over the years that have been lost, broken, spilled, left behind when I moved, or stolen by my sister, it's a sad sight indeed.  Not to mention most everything falls in the same category as above - cheap and old.  I think it's finally time to clean house and invest in some nicer products.

In other news, I'm still playing with my blog design.  I want to make a custom header, but I only have Photoshop on my old dinosaur of a desktop with the teeny-tiny monitor, so I haven't been able to make myself get into it yet.  I do like this template I'm using in the meantime, though.  I don't think I'll ever be a girly-girl, but pink will always be one of my favorite colors.  It's a happy color!

And last but not least, after no less than 3 hours of constant refreshing, I am in possession of Comic-Con tickets!!!!  Is it sad that I'm already planning what my nails are going to look like?  I'm thinking black and yellow, to go with the logo.



I never thought of myself as someone who would start a beauty blog.

Well, ok, to be fair: this is not entirely a beauty blog.  Nails will be the main focus, but my situation is such that I'm limited in my choices of nail color because of a super-strict dress code at work.  So fun designs and colors won't be able to be featured as much as I'd like.  Luckily, my love of bright colors and working with my hands extends to all sorts of crafts and fun stuff.  So consider this a nail blog with an additional focus on color and creativity in all forms.  Neutrals are boring - and why be drab when you can be fab??

As a bonus, you can keep a running tally of how many times I get yelled at at work.  That should be entertaining - for you, at least.