So Fresh and So Clean

Ironic that my first post is featuring not a bright color, but a neutral.  But I just love the look of plain white nails - they're bright, they're clean, they're chic, and they go with absolutely everything.  Don't be deterred by everyone telling you it looks like you used White-Out - white nails are awesome.

They also look way better when you're not using old, cheap polish that's thin and streaky, with a topcoat that does next to nothing to protect from chipping - this picture was only after a few days.  I scraped together my meager collection and after all the bottles over the years that have been lost, broken, spilled, left behind when I moved, or stolen by my sister, it's a sad sight indeed.  Not to mention most everything falls in the same category as above - cheap and old.  I think it's finally time to clean house and invest in some nicer products.

In other news, I'm still playing with my blog design.  I want to make a custom header, but I only have Photoshop on my old dinosaur of a desktop with the teeny-tiny monitor, so I haven't been able to make myself get into it yet.  I do like this template I'm using in the meantime, though.  I don't think I'll ever be a girly-girl, but pink will always be one of my favorite colors.  It's a happy color!

And last but not least, after no less than 3 hours of constant refreshing, I am in possession of Comic-Con tickets!!!!  Is it sad that I'm already planning what my nails are going to look like?  I'm thinking black and yellow, to go with the logo.

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