Review: Zoya Izzy

This is the color that I traded a friend of mine for my Zoya Dove, and I'm happy to report that we're both quite pleased with the switch!  Gray nails are just not my thing, but this?  This is the most brilliant shocking pink I own, hands-down.  It's gorgeous.


Nail Art: Gold Tips

So here's the mani I teased in my last post.  I'm loving it so much!  This was my first time doing tips - I honestly just did it because I was bored, and there was a roll of scotch tape and a bottle of polish in the vicinity.  But I really ended up liking the color combo - that's Essie Fiji as the base, and Orly Rage on the tips.  Plus Rage is a duochrome, so sometimes it ends up looking like this:

Which works equally well with the base color.  This is making me very excited to wear Rage on its own!

Next up: Zoya Izzy.  Finally!


Belated Holiday Nails

We're now firmly out of the holiday season, but I'm still playing catch-up.  While I immensely enjoyed my time at home, eating home-cooked meals and baking cookies and catching up with old friends, it put somewhat of a damper on the trip when I arrived in Chicago, unpacked my bag, and discovered that my laptop absolutely refuses to turn on.  This is extremely frustrating given that basically my entire life is on that thing, including Chromatic Consumption content.  Luckily I still have a desktop that performs...well, adequately at best, but it's better than nothing.  So, before they become even more irrelevant than they already are a week into January, here were my Christmas nails!

Colors used: Ulta 14 Carat, Milani Jewel FX Gold, e.l.f. Light Red, Color Club Art Club White
Cheesy and over-the-top for sure, but oh god I loved it.  I got numerous compliments, even with the smearing and uneven lines - first time using a striper brush.  But I really liked it, so much easier than taping off my nails like I had been originally planning.  I think that's still the easiest for thicker stripes, but for little ones like this a striper is the way to go.  Plus it made it easier to have some variety, so not every nail looked the same.  This was my left hand, which is my dominant hand; the ones on my right hand looked a bit more uniform.