Review: Zoya Izzy

This is the color that I traded a friend of mine for my Zoya Dove, and I'm happy to report that we're both quite pleased with the switch!  Gray nails are just not my thing, but this?  This is the most brilliant shocking pink I own, hands-down.  It's gorgeous.

Application: Amazing.  Very thin and smooth, and the opacity is just absolutely insane.  This is only two thin coats.

A shimmery shocking pink, just pushing the border to fuchsia.  So bright you may need sunglasses.

Now, I have to say that while Zoya boasts long wear (and I've heard this echoed from many satisfied customers, including the friend I traded this polish with, a true Zoya devotee), personally I have never had that experience.  I only wore this polish for a few days and I was already getting little chips at the tips.  With the same base and topcoat combo - Sinful Colors base and Out the Door - I've gotten incredible wear out of most every other polish.  So maybe I just need to try something different when I wear Zoya, but that was kind of disappointing.

Work Appropriateness:
After careful consideration, I've decided to do away with this category.  For one thing, work appropriateness depends on your job and your bosses.  For another, more important, factor: skin tone.  This was decided after a coworker and I were comparing nails and were both wearing polishes (me: Sinful Colors Sharons Heart; her: a light gold) that blended with our own skin very well, but had we swapped polishes, they would have stood out quite a bit.  My neutral is not your neutral. Hence me deciding that everyone can figure out individually what works for them and what doesn't in a work environment.

Solid 5/5.  Tip wear be damned, this color is so beautiful and eye-catching, and requires very little effort to achieve opacity in all its full, blinding glory.

Shade; these pictures were taken in December in Chicago, there wasn't much direct sunlight to speak of.

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