CVS Mini-Haul

I keep going into CVS for random things and passing by the Sally Hansen display, where I get distracted by the Complete Salon Manicure color First Kiss.  I kept talking myself out of buying it, because I had no money and more than enough nail polish that I haven't even used yet.  But I'm finally OK financially, so I figured what better way to waste my hard-earned money?  And of course, I couldn't just stop at one bottle; I ended up walking out with 4.

So in addition to First Kiss, I picked up Essie Fiji.  I'd been planning to eventually get OPI's Mod About You, then MissGlamorazzi mentioned this color, which is extremely similar.  And at the end of the day, CVS is closer to me than Ulta, so decision made.  Lastly I discovered a whole display of different colored crackles!  Yellow, green, purple...I really wish I had my camera with me.  And they must have put it out very recently, because every slot was filled.  I did a little test on one of my fingers with the pink (Hot Coture), and it was much more opaque than the Sally Hansen Vintage Violet I've got, so I decided to go ahead and try it.  I got the pink crackle for a specific manicure that I've got in mind, then the blue (Strike a Pose) I grabbed on a whim.  Looking forward to doing that pink mani, it's one I've been thinking about for awhile now.

Next up: Sally Hansen Salon Manicure First Kiss.  Right in time for the work week to start again.


Review: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Emerald Express

Colors like this are what make me desperately wish I had a job that allowed me to wear whatever I want on my fingers, because only 2 days before I have to remove it?  Not enough.



So this is e.l.f. Light Pink, from the previous post.  Barely recognizable anymore once I covered it with OPI Significant Other Color, then Essie Matte About You.  Not bad, huh?  A few more pics under the cut.


Review: e.l.f. Light Pink

Ew :/  Definitely want a pretty pale pink in my arsenal, but this is most definitely not it.  I got this for a dollar, and its not worth much more than that.  Pic is obviously pre-cleanup, because why bother when I knew I wasn't going to be leaving my nails looking like that.


Review: Sally Hansen Salon You-Gurt Style

If you'll excuse a picture taken after nearly a week of wear, as well as sloppy application to begin with thanks to my own clumsiness and complete lack of experience with jelly polishes (this is the only jelly I have ever used), allow me to review one of my favorite colors, Sally Hansen Salon You-Gurt Style.  I've had this bottle forever; I was honestly about to pitch it, it had gotten so old and gloopy, but sure enough, a bit of Seche Restore and I was good to go!


Review: Incoco Nail Strips

Today I bring you my first ever attempt to use nail strips.  And I have to say, I'm a fan!


Mascara Comparison

Maybelline Full 'N Soft has been my go-to mascara since sophomore year of high school; until receiving the recent samples in my Birchbox, I had tried very few other brands.  And before receiving said samples, it had also been quite some time before I had worn any makeup, period.  I was wowed the first time I used both the Anastasia and the blinc mascaras, but after comparing all 3 side by side, the results surprised me.


October Birchbox

I'm seriously on such a beauty high right now, playing with all my samples!  They're starting to overflow their containers on my vanity.  And I now have 2 empty Birchboxes, any ideas on how I should recycle them?


Target Sample Bag

I was so thrilled to open my mailbox today and discover not only my Birchbox, but my free sample bag from Target as well!  Every once in awhile, Target will send these out to the first certain number of people that sign up for them.  I got one last year, and now here is my second.  I found out through dealspl.us, when it popped up on their twitter account, and rushed over to Target's website to sign up.  The time is unfortunately passed (I ordered this one about a month ago), but keep an eye out and they're likely to offer it again.


August Birchbox: Final Thoughts

I know there were some complaints, at least amongst some of the YouTube vloggers, in response to this box.  But for my first one?  They really knocked it out of the park as far as I'm concerned.  I enjoyed quite a few of the products.

 01. Twistband
Like/Dislike? Ambivalent.
Thoughts? There's really nothing special about this.  The pros and cons pretty much balance each other out - it slips out of your hair easily, but it also doesn't hold as well as a regular scrunchie.  It looks OK around your wrist (which was supposed to be one of the main selling points - that you could basically wear it as a bracelet), but after several uses it starts to get twisted up, there's still the knot at the end, and the ends are now beginning to fray.  The knot at the end also looks just as silly in your hair as it does around your wrist - especially when trying to use the band at the end of a braid.  It doesn't leave as much of a crease as a scrunchie, but it definitely doesn't leave it completely crease-free.
Plans to Buy? No thanks.  It does seem to withstand time and repeated usage better than a traditional scrunchie, but at $5 for 3 Twistbands, it's just not worth the money.  Especially when I can get a pack of 20 plain scrunchies from the dollar store.