Target Sample Bag

I was so thrilled to open my mailbox today and discover not only my Birchbox, but my free sample bag from Target as well!  Every once in awhile, Target will send these out to the first certain number of people that sign up for them.  I got one last year, and now here is my second.  I found out through dealspl.us, when it popped up on their twitter account, and rushed over to Target's website to sign up.  The time is unfortunately passed (I ordered this one about a month ago), but keep an eye out and they're likely to offer it again.

OK first off, how cute is this bag??  Definitely the main reason I ordered - a free makeup bag, even empty, would have been worth it, because the pink one with the kitties and the broken zipper that I've had since high school needs to go.  But it turns out that the inside is just as phenomenal as the outside; Target seems to have read my mind!

Face wipes.  Perfect for me because I am anal retentive about keeping my skin clean, and because I'm out of the generic brand I usually use.

Lotion.  Perfect for me - or anyone, really - because it's heading into the colder months (though down here in Florida we're still just barely hitting autumn), and nobody likes dry skin.

Sunscreen.  Perfect for me because I work outdoors and have very pale, sensitive, sunburn-prone skin.  I go through sunscreen like most people go through toilet paper.

Anti-aging moisturizer.  Perfect for me because my skin sustains more damage than the average person's given all the exposure to the elements that comes with working outdoors all the time.

Shampoo and conditioner.  Perfect for me because I baby my hair as much as possible, and with how dry it's been getting lately, fortifying & moisturizing products are exactly what it needs.

And then, of course, the bag also came with the same little booklet of coupons that it did last time, which I most likely won't use, but if you buy a lot of makeup I'm sure they would come in handy.  I think it's pretty clear that I love the products I received, and they most likely won't last long before I've already used them up.

Coming up tomorrow: the contents of my October Birchbox!

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