Review: e.l.f. Light Pink

Ew :/  Definitely want a pretty pale pink in my arsenal, but this is most definitely not it.  I got this for a dollar, and its not worth much more than that.  Pic is obviously pre-cleanup, because why bother when I knew I wasn't going to be leaving my nails looking like that.
Application: Streak city!!  No matter whether you apply it thick or thin, the amount of visible brushstrokes is just horrendous.  I'm not sure whether that's the fault of the brush or the polish, but either way it just looks terrible.  And even slapped on super thick, you can still see smile lines underneath as well.  I've tried this polish several times, but it's always the same.  Here's last time I used it: 

Color: Very pretty - who doesn't love a simple color like this every once in awhile? 

Work Appropriateness:
Very much so.  Pale pink is classy and classic.

1/5.  The only thing good about this polish is the color itself, but if I can't get it on my nails without it looking like a kid playing with White-Out, then what's the point?  I think I'll be saving this bottle for April, when Zoya (fingers crossed!) rolls out their Earth Day special again.

Last time I wore this color, I tried to layer a gold on top of it, but that only accentuated the brushstrokes.  On my thumb, I added some solid stripes, and I really really loved the result:

Ulta 14 Carat

Haven't decided what I'm going to do this time around, but I hate to be wasteful even with crappy polishes like this one, so I'll find some way to make it wearable.  Check back for that tomorrow.

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