Review: Sally Hansen Salon You-Gurt Style

If you'll excuse a picture taken after nearly a week of wear, as well as sloppy application to begin with thanks to my own clumsiness and complete lack of experience with jelly polishes (this is the only jelly I have ever used), allow me to review one of my favorite colors, Sally Hansen Salon You-Gurt Style.  I've had this bottle forever; I was honestly about to pitch it, it had gotten so old and gloopy, but sure enough, a bit of Seche Restore and I was good to go!

Application: A little streaky, but as I went along I started to get the hang of it; it's just not as self-leveling as some other colors, and the very nature of jelly polish makes it pretty unforgiving, unlike cremes that can hide minor imperfections with an extra layer.  Also the rubberized cap is a godsend.  Can we just send out some sort of memo to all polish companies so they make all their caps rubberized?

Color: Oh man, I love this color.  Obviously, or I wouldn't have kept it for so long.  As the name suggests, it really does look like you dipped your fingers in yogurt.  Also I love the semi-sheer look, but again that's because I've never used a jelly before this one; in fact before I started reading nail blogs I didn't even know what a jelly was, I just knew that there was something about this color that was different than any other polish I owned.

Work Appropriateness: Very work-appropriate.  It's subtle and sheer, and seems like it would work with a variety of skin tones.

Rating: 4/5.  I honestly don't know how much of the application issues are my fault and how much are the polish's fault, but the streakiness does pose some problems.  Still, I adore the color, and the rubberized cap always gets brownie points in my book.

Here are some bonus pictures:

No matter how work-appropriate the color, that kinda goes out the door when you pair it with zebra stripes ;)  Luckily I've become quite adept at tucking my pinky out of the way when bosses approach.

Here's an older pic from the last time I wore this color; I used thicker coats, and didn't have as much streaking.

I also added a bit of nail art.  I like the white on pale pink look - subtle but fun.  This was done before I bought my dotting tool, I read online that you could also use the head of a bobby pin.  Didn't produce very uniform results.

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