September Birchbox: Final Review

One of these days I'll get the final review post out before my new box arrives.

01. Blinc Mascara
Like/Dislike?  LOVE!!
Thoughts? Anything that can get me through a day of mascara wearing without dark smudges beneath my eyes is an automatic A+.  Plus they make me look like I've got doll lashes!  To be fair, it does feel a bit rubbery and odd on the lashes, and the tubes come off far more easily than they claim, but I still LOVE this product!! 
Plans to Buy?  Most likely.  Before I make my final decision between Blinc and Anastasia, however, I want to see once and for all how they stack up against one another, length-wise.  So look out for a post comparing the two, as well as my old standby (Maybelline Full'N'Soft.)

02. Incoco Nail Appliques
Like/Dislike?  Love!
Thoughts? Why haven't these been invented before now?  So brilliant.  Look for a post on my first adventures in nail strips in the near future.
Plans to Buy? Probably not these ones in particular; Sally Hansen is much easier to obtain, and I trust the brand wholeheartedly - I know they'll be just as good if not better.

03. Jouer Lip Enhancer
Like/Dislike? Ambivalent
Thoughts? Well, first of all I finally found mine!  It got buried down in the bottom of my work bag with all the rest of my crap.  But honestly, I don't see anything all that special about this product.  It's glorified Chapstick.  I mean it's even the same color.  I will admit that it does keep your lips hydrated a little longer, for the price difference it should do a hell of a lot more.
Plans to Buy? No.

04. Lash Card
Like/Dislike? Dislike.
Thoughts? After trying this product out, my opinion remains pretty much the same as before I even opened the package.  I mean if this product helps you out more power to you, but for me it was much more of a hindrance than anything.  It's horridly awkward trying to hold the card in one hand and the mascara wand in the other.  If I applied normally, I didn't need the card there.  If I applied against the card on purpose, I felt like I was wasting mascara.  And at the end of the day, if you really needed a product like this, it would take a few minutes with some notecards and a pair of scissors to make a whole stack of them, rather than pay for something so simple.  To me this product is a complete waste of money.  (Plus, with the blinc mascara I was using, cleaning up any accidental smudges is a snap anyway.)
Plans to Buy? No.

05. Birchbox Friendship Bracelet
Like/Dislike? Love!
Thoughts? Still think this thing is seriously adorable.  I don't wear jewelery very often (mainly because I'm rushing out the door 5 minutes late and don't have the time), but this is so cute and simple; and a wonderfully understated way to promote the company as well as give a piece of really adorable jewelery.
Plans to Buy? N/A.  Though I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of more Birchbox jewelery with a similar design!

06. Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Perfume
N/A.  Still don't have a sense of smell yet.  Still wish I did.

My favorites this month are undoubtedly the Incoco nail strips and the blinc mascara.  Incredibly easy to use for someone as low-maintenance and beauty-challenged as me, yet with fantastic-looking results.

Slightly off-topic: I think Birchbox's beauty profile section should have a section where you can choose one product you always want to receive, and one product you never want to receive.  Because every month there are multiple products that go out, and while some of the decision-making behind who gets what is based on your profile, I think there's also an element of randomness as well.  But I'd like the ability to say hey, if there's anything nail-related?  Send that my way.  But if you've got a perfume?  Give it to someone else, I won't use it and I don't want it.

Just a thought!

Coming up next: A side-by-side comparison of the 3 different mascaras I am currently using: Maybelline Full'N'Soft, Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Lifting, and blinc.

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