smell of wine and cheap perfume

Did anyone else know that OPI is releasing a Glee collection?!  Probably, I'm just very behind on the times, but I caught Naya Rivera's tweet this afternoon.  And seriously, why can't you link to an individual tweet?  Or can you and I'm just too stupid to know how?  In any case, I'm excited!  As inconsistent and at times somewhat offensive as that show can be, I will admit that I adore it.  Wholeheartedly.  Being a television production major, it's very hard for me to shut off the analytical part of my mind when watching pretty much anything, but I've trained myself to put on the blinders for Glee.  If I can ignore everything else, it's a happyfuntime show, just makes me smile and of course sing along!

They had better have a Rachel Berry Gold Star color.  Oooh, and a Grape Slushie!  And a Cheerios Red!  Okay, I'll stop now.

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