Review: Sally Hansen Petal Pusher

Bought this as part of my little holiday haul while at home in Chicago; at the time I was mainly after the topcoat (which turned out not to be a topcoat at all, just a clear polish), figuring I could just bust this out for work every once in awhile.  I never thought that plain, flesh-colored nails would appeal to me so much, but I already can't wait to wear this color again!


Application: Wonderful.  The Insta Dri brush (which is the same as the Complete Salon Manicure brush) is best, I have discovered, for uneven nails (because of the rounded tip) or longer nails (because the wide brush and stem collect more polish).  And it's a jelly, which means it's very forgiving.

A semi-sheer peach; very natural, and very fleshy.  The jelly consistency really works well here, because with the white tips peeking through it's practically an instant French manicure, without the extra work.  It allows you to match a light skin tone quite closely without bordering into mannequin hands.  I used 3 coats; obviously the more polish, the less visible the smile lines.

Fantastic; not a chip in sight.

5/5, if you couldn't tell from this glowing review.  This color is elegant and sophisticated, but the look is super simple to achieve; it makes me feel like I went and got a professional manicure at a high-end salon.  And it's Sally Hansen, so it's extremely affordable as well.  Next time, I think I'm going to try an actual French manicure with this color.  It will be the first one I've ever worn, so I'm interested to see how I like the look.



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