September Birchbox (#2)


Yet again, my plan of blogging consistently was derailed; this time by my missing camera charger.  But I finally sucked it up and bought a new one, so with any luck I can finally start making a dent on that backlog of polishes I have to review.  In the meantime, however - NEW BIRCHBOX!!

This month's theme is basically a Greatest Hits, because Birchbox is celebrating its one-year anniversary.  I have to say, the more I learn about the company, the more respect I have for the entire team.  Katia and Haley have built this thing from the ground up, and the amount of excitement and passion that they have for their product is amazing.

Bottom line, this box is awesome, and I'm so excited about using some of the products!

01. blinc mascara
This was the first thing I saw when opening my box, and I let out a little squeal of excitement.  It seems like most people got either this or the Anastasia Beverly Hills mascara last month.  Out of the two, I had wanted the blinc more, but now I'm really glad I got them how I did, because I get to try both!  And the Anastasia was truly fantastic, so I've got high hopes for blinc.  The main selling point is that it's super waterproof, which is perfect for someone living and working in a tropical climate like me.

02. Harvey Prince Eau Flirt perfume
As I mentioned last month, I'm pretty ambivalent about perfumes because I don't have a sense of smell.  But damn if Birchbox isn't making me wish (again!) that I did!  This one is a blend of citrus, jasmine, lavender, and pumpkin.  The addition of pumpkin is pretty unique (at least in the realm of my extremely limited fragrance knowledge), and perfect for fall!  So sad this will go unappreciated even if I do use it.

03. Incoco nail polish apliques
OMGYAY!!!!!!  These  are basically the same deal as Sally Hansen's nail polish strips - fun designs or colors with no dry time and, from what I've heard, quite long-lasting.  I've been dying to try the Sally Hansen, but haven't been able to make myself spend the money for one set of strips.  These alone make this month's box totally worth the money!  I don't know that I'd do an entire hand full of zebra stripes; instead I'll probably use them a couple at a time as accent nails.

04. Jouer Lip Enhancer
Now, I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I had to snag this pic off of Google...because I lost mine!  I manage to keep up with several tubes of Chapstick, but this thing is just so damn tiny!   It wasn't any great loss, however, because I wasn't all too impressed with the product.  But, it didn't cause a reaction on my ridiculously sensitive and breakout-prone lips, so that's good.

05. Lash Card
Now this is just silly.  I mean I can see the benefit in the product itself, but to actually spend money on something you can make yourself out of a notecard is pointless.  Also I feel like it would be really awkward to use one of these in one hand with the mascara wand in the other, not to mention my eyelashes aren't even long enough to cause any smudging hazards.  Nevertheless, I'll still give them a try.

06. Birchbox friendship bracelet
OK, how adorable is this??  I love how simple it is; it could get lost amongst a collection of other bangles, yet it's quite clearly the Birchbox logo.

Seriously, how awesome of a box is this??  I'm so stoked to dive right in!

Within the next few days I'll be posting a review of the products from last month's box, then it'll be time to get back into nail polish reviews.  Hope you stick around!

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