So Much Polish, So Little Time!

Oh my.  Over the past few days I've acquired a veritable treasure trove of new polishes to try out.

While shopping at Downtown Disney, Sam and I stumbled across an entire rack full of OPI's Silver Shatter!  I suppose it makes sense, given that it's part of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.  So not only was I able to snag a bottle, but I got it with my 20% Cast Member discount.  Excellent!

Over the weekend I received an ad from Ulta that showed new Sally Hansen Crackle shades.  Knowing that they get their new shipments on Mondays, I stopped by after work...only to find that they were almost completely sold out already!  The only thing left was a few bottles of red, which I wasn't looking for - I had my eye on the gold, pink, and the duochrome-looking blue-purplish color.  I probably should have just shrugged my shoulders and gone home, but I desperately wanted to buy something, so I ended up grabbing something cheap: two bottles of Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear.

Virtual Violet, Blue Me Away!

And then, my Zoya polishes arrived!  Thanks to All Lacquered Up for alerting me to their deal of offering bottles of Dove and Caitlin for free with any purchase.  I snagged Adina, and received all 3 this afternoon.

From left: Caitlin, Adina, Dove

I'm still determined to get ahold of those Sally Hansen Crackles.  Ulta informed me that I can call ahead and request items to be put aside for me - they'll hold them for the rest of the day.  Awesome!  And for the record, I continue to be blown away by how friendly and accommodating every Ulta employee is whenever I go there - different times of the day, different days of the week, different employees every time.

So excited to try all of this out!  I already have several different color combos planned.  But for now, it's Gay Days here at Disney, and my friends and I are headed out to the local gay bar for the Disney-themed drag show tonight, so I've got something up my sleeve for that.  I'll keep you updated!

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