Confessions of a Polishaholic

Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am a nail polish addict.

Spent the day with a friend yesterday, just chilling out and relaxing - shopping, eating, and watching DVD's.  After getting frozen yogurt from Menchie's, (which you should absolutely try if they have one in your area, btw.  Menchie's is amazing.)

Afterward, I insisted that we needed to hit up the Ulta next door.  Correction: I needed to hit up the Ulta.  Correction:  I wanted to hit up the Ulta, but did not need to and in fact probably shouldn't have, given the current state of my bank account.  This sobering reality did little to stop my feet from entering the door, and I walked out with OPI Significant Other Color, a great layering color.

I've seen it worn over OPI Mod About You, in particular, and it was a gorgeous look.

I was shocked to find several colors of Sally Hansen Crackle still on shelves as well - the salesgirl also alerted me to some OPI Shatter colors she had behind the register, too.  Guess this isn't a very popular location, as the one near my apartment, at least, keeps selling out within hours.  I'll have to keep that in mind!  (I was unable to get out to that Ulta on Monday after their shipment came in due to the fact that I was on my deathbed.  I hate being sick.)  In any case, the only color they had that I had wanted was the gold Sally Hansen Crackle.  But after inspecting it in the bottle and doing a couple of test swipes on my nail, it became clear that this 'gold' is really more of a champagne color.  In some lights, it really does look gold, but unfortunately most of the time it just looks boring and washed-out.  It was mildly disappointing, but what with the wealth of companies releasing new lines and new shades of crackle/shatter/whatever, I'm pretty confident that a nicer gold will emerge sometime in the near future.

Not to mention, the brush sucks!  Way too thin.  Then my friend wanted to go to Claire's to buy a magnetic earring to freak her mom out with (she plans on wearing it in her nose).  I, of course, gravitated directly to the nail polish stand.  And what did I see?

Blacklight nail polish!!!  I'm super excited about this, as I discovered during Gay Days that white nails do not, in fact, show up under a blacklight.  So next time I'm at Magic Kingdom, I'm slapping on this pink and riding Haunted Mansion as many times as humanly possible!  I also found these earrings, which are a tad over the top, but I love anyway:

While at the register, I looked in front of me, only to see a container of....could it be....the elusive black shatter polish!  Granted, this was merely the Claire's brand.  But it was $5/bottle and on clearance for half off.  COME TO MAMA.  Separates more than my OPI Silver Shatter, but otherwise a perfectly acceptable substitute.

I will remain on the lookout for the other shades that I hope to track down - namely Sally Hansen's Fuschia Shock and possibly Vintage Violet, though I'm still annoyed by how terrible that brush was.

When I got home, I started to clean the apartment and remembered that I also snagged these the last time I was in the dollar store:

I seem to be completely incapable of passing up any shade of pink.  What can I say?  I've gotta be girly sometimes.  And the nail strips look like a knockoff of the Sally Hansen line, I'm curious to see how they work.  Even more that I don't know when I'll ever get around to!  Also, my small polish storage container is dangerously close to overflowing - looks like I'm going to have to upgrade soon.  Yes, this is truly starting to become a full-blown obsession.

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