C-ya Real Soon!

Been getting tons of compliments about my nails - I'm really not looking forward to taking them off when I go back to work!

Sam let me do her nails, which unfortunately didn't come out like I had hoped.  For starters, she only wanted one coat of red, and I think she could have used another.  Secondly, the combination of my shaky hands and old, thickened polish did NOT make for very nice dots.  Sam didn't want the bow on an accent nail, and we didn't have time for topcoat.  So by the time we snapped a picture the next day, they looked like this:

Sam loves them, but I am being a perfectionist and want to start from scratch.  No dice, she's trying to make the most out of her vacation, and a manicure is not on her priority list (for shame!).  I did her toes in Tart Deco, however, and she adored it - coral's one of her favorite polish colors.  Those came out pretty nicely, even for doing them fairly close to bedtime - thanks to my newly-acquired Seche Vite, she woke up with no sheet smudges whatsoever.

Red: e.l.f. 'Light Red'
White: NYC 'French White Tip'

Ashley was never able to get ahold of any Black Shatter, and we didn't have time to do her nails anyway.  Nevertheless, as instructed by YouTube's Dom Mazetti, we made sure to put our feet in a circle and take pictures, so my and Sam's pedicures were immortalized in pixels.

Sam, as previously established, is wearing Essie Tart Deco.  To her left is our friend Kit, followed by me, wearing Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Mellow Yellow, and finally Ashley, shamefully hiding her unpolished toes.  We will be sure to show her the error of her ways.

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