Review: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure First Kiss

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been drooling over this color for quite some time.  At the end of the day it wasn't exactly what I had hoped for, but I'm still glad I made the purchase for the wear time alone.  For reference, I usually take pictures on the 3rd day or so of my mani, and by then I'm having to twist my fingers into awkward positions to hide the chips.  I'm okay with this, though - I usually buy cheaper brands of polish, and I'm not very careful with my nails.  These pictures were taken on the 5th day, and even after an afternoon of scraping my nails against concrete doing chalk art with kids at work, I still only had 2 small chips and some minor tip wear.  I think if I had added an additional layer of topcoat halfway through wearing the mani I would have fared even better.  So that alone makes me hold the Complete Salon Manicure line in very high regard; next time I'm itching for a new color I know where to look.  In fact, there was a baby blue that caught my eye last time....

Application: Thick and streaky.  I was extremely frustrated at first.  But it turns out, this polish is amazingly self-leveling, and when it dried was nearly flawless.  Color me impressed.

I'm having a bit of a love-hate relationship with this color.  I feel pretty much the same as I did about Essie Tart Deco - it looks a lot lighter and fleshier toned in the bottle, but on my nails it's darker and more orange than I wanted.  In some lights it looks fine, and in others too garish.  Really pairs well with the zebra nail strips!  I've adored this pairing since I saw something similar in one of EmilyCaroline87's Birchbox vlogs.

Work Appropriateness:
Borderline, depending on skin tone/lighting, but for the most part it's pretty safe.

4.75/5.  I can only deduct a tiny amount for color issues; the self-leveling qualities and amazing wear make this polish a true standout.




I have been considering getting into frankening, and I think this might be my first attempt, simply because it's so close to what I want it to be already.  Just a few shades lighter with a tad more pink.  I bought some tiny polish bottles at my local dollar store to use for frankening, so that I don't waste a lot of polish in case I screw it up.  Also dug out some old eyeshadows and cosmetic glitter that I can use as pigments.  I have several more work-appropriate colors that I want to get through reviewing first, then it will be franken time!

Also, I've decided to finally say goodbye to the Incoco zebra-stripe nail strip.

At this point I've been wearing the thing for almost a month, and that's pretty incredible from where I'm standing.  Really I'm only taking it off because I'm kinda tired of it.  There's growth at the base, which I don't really mind; the unevenness was due to my own application ineptitude, it was no fault of the strip itself.

And this is all the tip wear I've endured.  Again, pretty impressive.  For the record, I was using Out the Door topcoat; I've added several layers through the weeks.  So farewell, little buddy.  You have been an exciting addition to my manicures and provided me with the hilarious adventure of awkwardly hiding my pinky any time I spoke with a higher-up at work.

Next up: Halloween mani!  Just because I didn't get to do anything festive on the holiday itself due to work doesn't mean I don't have a treat for you!

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