Review: Essie Fiji

Loving this color!  Have to say though, it now feels odd not to hide my pinky at work!

Application: Like a dream!  Incredibly thin and smooth.  But I've gotten spoiled using brands with thicker brushes, which I much prefer; going back to a little tiny one like this was a rude awakening.

The perfect pale pink; exactly what I wanted.

Work Appropriateness:
Very much so; there's nothing more elegant and ladylike than a ballet slipper pink.

4.75/5.  Gotta deduct a little for the tiny brush, but the smooth texture of the polish itself helps over come that.  Any flaws you see in pictures are most definitely user error.


Sun; this was taken through a window screen, hence the odd patterns.  Lesson learned.


I've gotten admirable wear out of this polish as well.  I've been getting that a lot lately, and the common denominator seems to be the Out the Door topcoat I switched to.  It dries just as fast as Seche Vite, but I don't notice anywhere near the amount of chipping or peeling that I used to.  So it's getting a big fat A+ in my book.

Up next:  A look at the holiday collections being offered by some of the major polish companies; some I'm crazy about, some not so much.

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