November Birchbox

(I don't know why this didn't go up two weeks ago when I posted it, but better late than never, I suppose.)

November Birchbox is here, and just as wonderful as I was hoping for!  I saw someone on a blog get this exact box and was hoping for the same one; turns out that's what I got!  And I unlocked the Bauble Bar bracelet for earning BirchBox points back in September/October!  So happy.

This month's theme is "Getting Gifty"; gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

 01. Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover
Good timing with this one, I was just realizing the other day that if I'm not going to stick with the blinc mascara as my go-to brand, I'm going to need an eye makeup remover.  In the past I've always just rubbed it off in the shower, which a) doesn't always take everything off, and b) is harsh and damaging to my lashes, which I absolutely don't want to do given how thin and short they already are.  So this is excellent, and a decent-sized sample; given how often I actually wear makeup, this is going to last me quite a long time.

02. LaROCCA Skincare Champagne and Shimmer Body Polish
According to the card, this is a body scrub that features 24karat colloidal gold!  Which definitely makes it something giftable, that's just downright luxury right there.  It's a very small sample size, maybe enough to do your whole body once, but the little jar that it comes in is super cute and very reusable.

03. Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist
I'm going to have to go on the website and read more to figure out exactly what this product does.  I think it may be a leave-in conditioner?  I'm not positive.  It's a very nice size, however, and you know I love my hair products.  This is what made me think I might get this particular box, because I chose hair over makeup in my beauty profile on the site.

04. Zoya Nail Polish in Noel
First of all, how adorable is the tiny sample-size bottle??  Zoya has partnered with Birchbox, and they seem to send these out once every few months, which is pretty awesome.  This particular color is from the holiday Gems & Jewels collection and is a shimmery denim blue with silver microglitter.  I'll definitely be trying it out next.  And a friend that subscribes to BirchBox as well actually won the entire holiday collection online, so we've devised a trade for my full-sized Zoya Dove if she gets the color Holly.

TREAT: Chuao Chocolatier Firecracker Chocopod
If there's one thing I don't need right now, it's more chocolate.  We're working our way through five fifty-pound boxes of Halloween leftovers at work.  But this is definitely intriguing - I can safely say I've never had any chocolate with chipotle, salt, and popping candy before!

Bauble Bar Black Wood Pop Bracelet
Ok, now they had me with this one until I ventured onto their website last night and discovered that this particular bracelet is advertised "as seen on Justin Bieber".  WHAT.  I did not sign up for looking like Justin Bieber.  I mean there's nothing wrong with the bracelet itself, I guess for me it just seems like an odd choice as their selected piece to put in Birchbox, given that the average age of the Birchbox customer is a little outside the age range of the average Bieber fan.  Whatever, like I said I have nothing bad to say about the bracelet itself - it's very cute, if a little clunky.  But does this mean I can overcharge on eBay and sell this to some drooling preteen?  Hmmmm.

So overall this box was absolutely fantastic.  I think it really fits the theme well, not only are many of these products the type you'd want to give as gifts, but also they're on the cheaper side, so you actually can afford to give them as gifts.

I've seen people analyze the value of their boxes in certain blogs and vlogs, so out of curiosity I decided to do the same, just to check that I'm getting my money's worth.  In total, this box is worth approximately $31.50, more than 3x what I paid for it.  If you didn't unlock the bracelet (in which case I believe you received a different box altogether, though that might not be an absolute), its value is $11.50, which is still more than the price.  For the record, here are the approximate values of my past BirchBoxes:

October: $24.35

 September: $16.75
(This was the one-year anniversary box, which I forgot to take a picture of before unwrapping.  It included the blinc mascara, Harvey Prince Eau Flirt perfume, Incoco Nail Strips, Jouer Lip Enhancer, Lash Card, and the Birchbox friendship bracelet.  This price estimates the perfume sample size to be .05mL, the average perfume sample size, because the actual size is not listed anywhere.  I priced the bracelet at $1.)

August: $33.65
(My most expensive box to date.  The perfume sample size is once again estimated at .05mL.)

 Next up: Zoya Noel, of course!


  1. I unlocked the bracelet, too, but received a slightly different box. I honestly haven't seen a review from anyone yet who didn't receive the bracelet (that wasn't a new subscriber). Anyway, my box had the Atelier perfume, LaRocca skin cream, Zoya in Izzy, and the Fango mud mask.

  2. I had honestly been wondering if that might have been the case with the bracelets! I saw some people who didn't get them, but I don't know if they're new subscribers or not. And I think my friend may have gotten the same box as you. She definitely got Zoya Izzy, which she traded to me for my Zoya Dove. Can't wait to try it out!