October Birchbox: Final Review

November Birchoxes are on their way (AND I THINK THERE'S NAIL POLISH IN IT!!), so it's time to review last month's products.  This was an excellent box.

01. AHAVA Cleansing Cream
Like/Dislike?  Like
Thoughts?  It impressed me as far as being moisturizing, while still leaving my skin feeling clean; I find that often the two don't go hand-in-hand.  I only used it once, I'm saving the rest of it for when the weather really starts to get dry.
Plans to Buy?  Probably not.  I'd just rather stick to one type of cleanser, then occasionally follow up with moisturizer or astringent when needed.  Plus taking the time for the additional step lets you target-treat specific areas.

02. Laura Geller Spackle Primer
Like/Dislike?  Like.
Thoughts?  I tested this out on my hand with some eyeshadow, and definitely noticed a difference between how well the shadow adhered to regular skin and skin primed skin.  The bronzing effect is subtle, but definitely there.
Plans to Buy?  No.  This is the first primer I've ever used, and I don't really wear any makeup on my face except for eyeshadow, so this little tube is going to last me a very long time.  Not to mention I've seen tutorials online for making your own primer, so if I decide to keep using it once this is done, I'll probably either go that route or buy a less expensive brand.  I've gone this many years without using a primer, it's not exactly an essential product for the price.

03. Orofluido Beauty Elixr
Like/Dislike?  Like.
Thoughts?  It definitely makes a difference when I use it, my hair is softer and more manageable.  But I don't notice anywhere near as dramatic of a change as I do when I use the Amika serum.  Even just holding it in your hand, it's clear that the Amika is thicker, and you can get away with using less.
Plans to Buy?  No.  I had said when I got the Amika that I would probably just go with a generic argan oil when I ran out of that, but this has proven that not all serums are interchangeable.  I'll test out some less expensive brands, but if I do end up going high-end, given the choice between the two I'd definitely go with the Amika.

04. Befine Lip Serum
Like/Dislike?  Love!
Thoughts? Still loving this.  I've been using this single tube all month and I still have plenty left.  As I said in my initial post, it takes so little to produce dramatic results.  And it lasts.  My lips always feel soft and hydrated, even hours afterwards.  It's also super glossy, making it perfect over a lip stain. 
Plans to Buy?  Yes!  It comes in a two-pack with the Lip Exfoliant, which I'd also like to try.

05. The Laundress Delicate Wash
Like/Dislike?  Ambivalent.
Thoughts? I deliberately washed similar items in two different loads - one with this detergent, one with my regular dollar store detergent.  When they were dry, I compared the two, and I honestly didn't feel any difference.  Not to mention having no sense of smell means I don't really care if it's got a nice scent, so while it worked, as far as I'm concerned it's not anything special.
Plans to Buy?  Nope.

And that's it!  I've really enjoyed using these products, the lip serum especially.  Here's hoping November's box will be here soon, because from what I've seen it's a really good one!

Still working on the holiday collections post; but it's barely November, so I've got plenty of time.  Meanwhile, tomorrow you'll get to see the amazing pink and black crackle mani I've been rocking for my 3 days off.  I'm really excited about it, it's one I've wanted to do for awhile now, and it looks awesome.  So pop on by for that tomorrow.

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