Review: Zoya Noel

A very pretty blue - I like this color a lot!  Too bad it didn't last very long on my nails.

 Application: Very smooth - Zoya has a fantastic formula.  No streakiness either, which can be a big issue with shimmery or metallic polishes.  I don't have the most steady of hands, so that's a factor I really appreciate.  The brush is too small, but that's probably more of a personal gripe than anything; I've really fallen in love with big, wide brushes like those in Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri and Complete Salon Manicure lines.

A shimmery denim blue with silver microglitter.  This color is just loud and attention-getting enough without being obnoxious.

Wear (New category!):
This is where I was really let down, because all I've been hearing is how Zoya lasts for ages without chipping, and that was most certainly not the case for me.  Even after wrapping my tips, I was seeing minor chipping by the second day.  And while I'm usually pretty tough on my nails, I was mostly sitting at home for the few days I was wearing this color.  I was pretty surprised, to be honest.

Work Appropriateness:
Obviously not.

4/5.  I really do like the color, but the chipping is an issue.  Still, I'll give it a few more tries and hope that maybe this was a fluke.

Especially in the second pic, you can see the chips at the edges.  The glitter is actually a franken, just some cosmetic glitter in clear polish.  Again, a very pretty color, it's just a shame it doesn't get better wear.  For a high-end brand, I expected more.

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