November Birchbox: Final Review

This month has been so hectic, I scarcely noticed it was over before I was getting an e-mail about my December box being shipped!  Where does the time go??

01.  Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover
Like/Dislike?  Like
Thoughts?  Removes my eye makeup with very little effort (even when I put it on a bit heavier than normal...which I've probably been doing to test this remover more than anything).  Also leaves my skin still feeling good - it's not too drying or too greasy.
Plans to Buy? Yes!  This bottle will probably last me a very long time, since I don't wear makeup a lot, but when it's gone I'll definitely be purchasing the full size - it's only $9!

02.  LaROCCA Skincare Champagne and Shimmer Acai Body Polish
Thoughts?  The little scrubbers inside the gel dissolve before they get a chance to do much exfoliating, and you're left with a slimy-feeling residue.  After wiping that off when I got out of the shower, my skin felt nice and soft, but by the next day it was already dry again.  I'd take real moisture over the illusion of it any day.
Plans to Buy?  No.

03.  Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist
Thoughts?  To the best of my understanding, this is supposed to be a combination heat protectant and detangler.  I rarely ever heat style my hair, and it certainly didn't work as a detangler when I tried it for that purpose.  It does add moisture back into dry hair, but there area  variety of other products that do that, including the detangler I already use - which does actually detangle.  I guess I wouldn't say it's a bad product, but there's just nothing special about it to me.
Plans to Buy?  No.

04.  Zoya Nail Polish in Noel
Liked the color, but I had more chipping than I thought I would.  Here's my full review if you missed it.

05.  Chuao Chocolatier Firecracker Chocopod
Thoughts?  Very unique!  The combo of the dark chocolate and savory ingredients is interesting on its own, but then you add in the popping candy and it just takes it to a whole new level.  Absolutely delicious, and I find "Firecracker" to be a pretty appropriate name.
Plans to Buy?  Oh god, no.  Did you know that you can get migraines from eating too much chocolate??  I learned that this month.  The hard way.  They're still desperately trying to pawn off leftover Halloween candy on us at work, and I'm a sucker for a Snickers bar.  By now I kind of don't want to see another piece of chocolate until sometime well into next year.  But I would definitely recommend it for any candy connoisseur!

06.  Bauble Bar Black Wood Pop Bracelelt
Thoughts?  It's probably not something I would have bought for myself, but despite the Justin Bieber connection I like it.  The sparkly centerpiece is lovely, I just wish the surrounding beads were a bit smaller.
Plans to Buy?  N/A, obviously.

So that's it for November.  I spent so much rushing around that I didn't really get the time to enjoy this box, which was disappointing.  But December is here, and I'm headed home for the holidays in a little over a week, so I'll have plenty of relaxation and me-time.  Hope everyone else's holidays are wonderful - no matter what it is you celebrate, I hope you're surrounded by love, joy, and lots of really good food!

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