Review: Sinful Colors Sharons Heart

I've had this polish since college - I bought it along with the color Silly Alix in the same brand, which is similar but lighter.  After trying both briefly, I had come to the conclusion over the years that Sharons Heart (as printed on the label, no apostrophe) was the ugly stepsister to my beloved Silly Alix.  And while Silly Alix is indeed still my favorite of the two, I've gained a new appreciation for Sharons Heart.

Application: Very thin and smooth.  Minimal streakiness, which can be a problem with shimmery colors like this one.  Opaque in 2 coats.  I did get some bubbling on one finger.

Not a duochrome in the true sense of the word, but the beauty of this polish is that it does adopt many different sades and variations depending on the lighting and the angle.  This one goes from a peachy orange to a pink just a few shades lighter than mulberry.  In the sunlight is where this polish truly shines, pardon the pun.  It flashes a brilliant gold that's visible somewhat indoors, but nowhere near as dramatic.  As I've said this color quite similar to Silly Alix, which I could tell at the time of purchase; I just wasn't sure which would look better with my skin tone.  Sharons Heart is the deeper, richer version of the two.  I experimented with layering a white polish underneath, like I usually do with Silly Alix.  It certainly made the color pop, but I think I prefer it on its own.

This polish had very good wear.  My pictures were taken on the 4th day of use, and I've got only 2 small chips and some minor tip wear to speak of.  My left index finger doesn't really count amongst that as I accidentally broke the nail, causing polish chipping that I didn't fix except to seal it with topcoat.  I really concentrated on wrapping my tips this time, which probably contributed to these results.

Work Appropriateness: 
For the most part I'd say yes; there are some lights in which the mauve-ish pink looks a bit garish, but it blends nicely with the skin.  I'd recommend it for medium to tan skin; it looks much more natural on my toes, which are several shades darker than my hands.  (This is why I always choose Silly Alix, which is better on lighter toned skin.)

4/5.  This is one of those polishes that I like but still don't feel that jump-up-and-down crazy love about.



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