Work-Safe Mani #1

I have to say, I was unimpressed with Essie Tart Deco.

For starters, I didn't find the application to be very smooth.  Then again, I'm experimenting with better technique (as reccommended by The Lacquerista), so hopefully that will improve over time.  Also, even after three thick coats, I still don't feel like I got bottle color.  It's much darker and more orange on my nails, nowhere near as light and fleshy looking as in the bottle.  I cut my nails because they were uneven and starting to annoy me while typing, so less nail means less polish.  To detract attention I also used my new Matte About You to take away the shine - which is super cool, I have never had matte nails before!  I'm just hoping that the color doesn't get me in hot water again at work.

On my toes, I simply covered the white with my Sinful Colors Silly Alix, then matte'd that as well.  And oh my god, it's so pretty!!!  I love the effect of matte over a shimmery color - it gets you this really gorgeous pearly effect.  I'd post a picture of my toes, but between my horrendous polish job, dry skin, and deformed big toenails due to repeated injury, I don't really think anyone wants to see a close-up of my feet.  Trust me.  But next work mani?  Definitely doing that same effect.

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