Crackle Crazy

So what have y'all been up to?  My blogging got a bit derailed by the BFF coming in for a visit, followed by a trip out to SoCal to visit another BFF, followed by a wedding and all the attached familial drama.  Whew!  Excited to have my life go back to normal.

So while in California, we attended ComiCon.  Oh, wow.  My first time, and it was such a blast, I'm already counting down the days 'til next year!   And obviously, since the logo is black and yellow, my nails had to match!

We roadtripped to Anaheim the day afterward to check out Disneyland (another first for me), and the original plan had been to switch up the nails with Milani Gems (because it looks like fireworks!), but I chose instead to get all the sleep I could (which wasn't much).  So I decided to throw in some other crackle manis I've done, because I can't help myself.  I love the look.  And I've been seeing a ton of people (of all ages!) with the white polish/black crackle combo lately, so today seemed as good a day as any.

This is me testing out my new Silver Shatter (which I got at 20% off, yay Cast Member discount!).  I'll definitely be doing the black/silver combo again.

Pink and silver for Star Wars Weekends.  I actually managed to get away with this mani for a week at work by awkwardly hiding my fingers anytime a higher-up got near me.

Black and blue.  Loved this one a lot!  FWIW, my black shatter was $2 at Claire's.  I can't tell a difference, can you?

And finally, black and yellow for ComiCon!  (Also, these were my high school's colors.)  Yes, I was finally forced to cut my nails after too many of them broke.  Sad!  I miss the length already.

Say what you will, I know crackle is such a fad, but as you can see I'm hopelessly hooked!

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